Spring Start-Ups

Lawn irrigation systems offer homeowners the best in convenience.  Once the system is set you can be assured that your yard is receiving the water it needs, at the time it needs it.  In order to make sure your system continues to function at its best it is very important to service twice yearly, during winterization and spring start up.

Spring start up is the time to perform a visual inspection of valves and nozzles to check for debris or breakage due to snowfall and freezing that occurred during the winter months.  It is important to replace any broken parts, fill and pressurize the system, check for leaks and review the overall system for effectiveness

Spring is also the perfect time to assess what your plan is for your lawn and garden this year.  If you are planning any changes or additions it is wise to make sure your sprinkler system will continue to address your needs.  Adjustments may also be required to account for any growth changes in landscape features.  The bush that was in perfect alignment with the sprinkler nozzle last year might have grown enough now to obstruct the spray.

Once spring start up is complete you can sit back and enjoy another worry free summer knowing that your lawn and garden will look healthy and beautiful.