Hunter Industries

is one of the biggest and best manufacturers in the country for more than 30 years in the business , that’s why we proudly carry all hunter’s products

Rotary Sprinklers

    • PGJ , PGP® , I-10/I-20 , I-25 | I-40 , I-60 . I-90

Spray Sprinklers

    • PS , SRS , Pro-Spray , Institutional Spray , RZWS – Root Zone Watering System


    • SRV , PGV-ASV & Pro-AVB , PGV , PGV Jar-Top , HPV , ICV and ICV Filter SentryT , HBV


    • SRC and SRC Plus | EC | XC | Pro-C | ICC Plastic and ICC Metal | IDS
      ICR | SRR | SVC – Smart Valve Controller | Wireless Valve System


  • Mini-Clik®, Rain-ClikT, Wireless Rain-ClikT, Freeze-Clik®, Wind-Clik®, Mini-Weather Station and Flow-Clik

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has been in the irrigation business since 1933 they make some of the best products in the market today and we are proud to carry their products

Spray Bodies

    • Mini-Clik®, Rain-ClikT, Wireless Rain-ClikT, Freeze-Clik®, Wind-Clik®, Mini-Weather Station and Flow-Clik, 1800-SAM-P45 Series, UNI-Spray Series

Spray Nuzzles

    • Rotary Nozzles, U-Series Nozzles, MPR Series Nozzles, VAN Series Nozzles, SQ Series,
      Square Pattern Nozzles, 1300A-F Adjustable Full Circle Bubbler, 1400 Series Pressure,
      Compensating Bubbler


  • 3500 Series Rotors, 5000 / 5000 Plus / 5000 Plus PRS Series, 5500 Series Rotors, 8005 Series
    Rotors, Falcon 6504 Series, 2045A Maxi-Paw


carries a large variety of products with a vast selection that we are sure we have your work cut out for you, picking out what best suits your needs


    • Adjustable Arc Nozzles ,B Series Brass Nozzles ,Bubblers and Bed Sprays ,LX MPR Nozzles ,LXS Shrub Adapter ,100 Series Shrub Nozzles ,LX Series Sprays,

Sprinkler Accesories

    • SmartPipe Swing Pipe ,SmartPipe Fitings ,SmartPipe Swing Assemblies


    • CT70 Rotary Sprinkler ,T3/T35 Turbo Rotary Sprinklers


    • Quick Coupling Valves ,Valve Accessories ,11000FCR Series, 12000 Series, 21000CR Series ,8200CR Series ,N-100 Series,

Smart Controls

    • SmartLine ,Comm. Equip. and Accessories ,RainBrain Sensors ,SL Controller – System Link ,VAC – Valcon Advanced Controller ,Wetware Software,

Low Volume

  • SmartInline Drip Tubing,Emitters,Micro Mate Sprays,Stakes,Risers, Control Zones,Pressure RegulatorsFittings,Tubing,Low Volume Accessories,