Outdoor Lighting

Landscape lighting is becoming increasingly popular with homeowners who want to get the most from their property.  The reasons to install outdoor lighting are almost as numerous and varied as the gardens they illuminate.  From a completely practical standpoint, let’s consider safety.  Anytime you or your guests wish to move about your property at night, strategically placed lighting will guide you safely on your way.  While garden lights are your friend and ally, they are the worst enemy of would-be intruders.  Having various light sources on your property makes it a less appealing target than the shadowy house next door.  Outdoor landscape lighting helps keep you, your family and your possessions safe.

Next, let’s talk about property values.  All homeowners know that well planned upgrades to their home and garden increase the market value of their house.  Outdoor lighting adds a tremendous amount to your home’s curb appeal.  Having an immaculate home inside doesn’t necessarily translate to an appealing home from the outside.  By highlighting interesting features of your home or garden, you essentially focus on what is most outstanding and make those items the focal point of interest in any buyer’s mind.

Landscape lighting can be used to produce many different effects.  Ambient lighting brightens larger areas such as decks and patios and allows you to entertain friends and family in the evening in the great outdoors.  Spot lights, well lights and floodlights are just a few examples of ways to highlight focal points on your home or in your garden.  Playing with shadow and light can create a dramatic effect that takes your home from the ordinary to the extraordinary.  Illuminating pathways creates a warm approach to any home and makes your guests feel welcome before they even step inside.  Whatever ambience you wish to create, the possibilities are virtually endless with the use of outdoor lighting.

Many people will spend countless hours tending their lawn and garden, and keeping the exterior of their home in tip top shape.  For some this is a hobby, for others a necessary evil of homeownership.  Whichever way you feel, why spend your valuable time and effort to produce a result that is only seen half of the time?  Your home and garden may look wonderful during the day but why not shed some light on your hard work and let your garden shine at night as well.

Take a walk around your property during the day, and then again at night, and see the difference for yourself.  That tree that looked so beautiful during the daylight hours fades into obscurity once darkness falls.  The fantastic stone wall you spent so much time and energy to build becomes nothing more than a dark shadow after dusk.  Why not allow your property to be at its best both day and night?  The installation of outdoor landscape lighting allows you to get the most from your property, both from a personal and investment standpoint.