Years ago irrigation systems were something you saw in a farmer’s field as you drove by.  Today, with ever increasing demands on our time and our growing concern for water conservation and the environment, residential irrigation systems are a viable alternative to traditional sprinklers or hand watering.

The installation of a home lawn irrigation system can increase your property value in the same manner that fresh paint or new flooring can.  The added benefit is that a sprinkler system will continue to help your property maintain or increase its value by ensuring a beautiful, healthy garden which, in turn, increases your home’s curb appeal.  Curb appeal has direct affect on market value.

G&L Scape professionals can install a sprinkler system tailored for each individual homeowners needs.  Through the use of different spray or rotor heads they can ensure that every inch of your yard receives adequate water.  Careful adjustments to directional sprayers mean that the water ends up where it was intended — on your lawn and plants.  Watering the patio or sidewalk does not add to the look of your home, it only waste water and costs you money.  By keeping existing landscaping healthy, homeowners can also decrease the amount of money they spend replacing plants which have been damaged by over or under watering.

Another factor to take into account when considering irrigation systems is water conservation.  Homeowners in many areas are now faced with watering restrictions.  An installed irrigation system can be set to operate on a given day, at a set time and for a set amount of time.  Watering your lawn and garden is best done in the early morning when evaporation due to high temperatures is at a minimum.  This means the maximum amount of water is ending up on the plants and not being lost to the atmosphere, thereby aiding in water conservation.

By adjusting the controller, irrigation systems can remain responsive to seasonal changes and make sure that as the weather changes so does the system’s watering patterns.  For example, areas of lawn can be watered more frequently or for longer periods of time than delicate bedding plants.  Overwatering is a problem of the past as you will never again forget to turn off the sprinkler.  All of which, again, adds up to cost savings and a healthier, more beautiful garden.

Even taking into account all the savings and environmental benefits of home irrigation systems, perhaps the number one reason people love their sprinklers is convenience.  Our increasingly busy lives mean that it is more difficult than ever to find the time to water with traditional methods.  Moving a sprinkler every twenty minutes or watering with a hose is time consuming work which many people find a chore.  Knowing that your garden is perfectly watered before you even get up in the morning is convenience at its best.

Whether it’s the convenience, the savings, or the knowledge that you are doing your part to conserve water and help the environment, installing a home lawn irrigation system makes sense.  By sitting back and letting the system do the work, you, your bank account and the environment all benefit.